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1. I am interested in participating in the Eco House competition, so I am interested in how and when the work code is awarded?

    • Participants determine the seven-digit number code themselves. In a separate .PDF file bearing the name of the code, submit the participant's data.

2. I am a student of the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb and I am interested in participating in your competition "Micro Eco House", but I did not find any information on how to apply for the competition. Are applications already closed?

    • Thank you for asking.
    Submiting is not reqired.

3. I have a question regarding the proposed waste management strategy. Is it enough to just indicate the positions of the containers or what exactly is meant?
Also, is it necessary to give the exact location of the cottage? I plan to make it a cottage in nature in the vicinity of Sokobanja, Ozren, Rtanj. Can this only be indicated textually? How does this area answer my questions regarding climatic conditions and terrain, does that mean that I don't have to go into the issue of land and plot ownership through a situational overview? The conditions of participation state that it can be any hypothetical location.

    • The waste management strategy can be solved in several ways, not just with a container.
    • You can specify the location - the area where you envisioned the facility and you certainly do not have to go into the question of ownership of the plot and land

4.I have a couple of questions regarding the Micro Eco House competition.
I was wondering if there are a certain number of people for whom there must be an object? Is it allowed to have a floor and if so, are we just checking if it also falls within the maximum area of 25m2? Also, do we design the infrastructure ourselves or can we accept an already existing model and to what level must it be worked out? Item 2 says that we show the construction process, so I was just interested in what the construction process entails? Since we choose the location ourselves, can the box be for only a specific location or must it be applicable to other locations as well?

    • The facility should meet the needs of one pair.
    • The building can have floors.
    • When calculating the maximum net area of ​​25m2 or the minimum area of ​​7m2, the part of the space in which the clear height is at least 1.5m is calculated. Areas of parts of the space with a clear height of less than 1.5 m can be used, but are not included in the total net area.
    • Infrastructure solutions include planned systems that emphasize the environmentally sustainable and energy efficient concept with the use of renewable energy sources, which allows their energy independence, with a minimum environmental footprint. All infrastructural solutions should be given in the textual description.
    • You can present the construction process through a 3D view, exploded axonometry, diagrams and schemes, etc. and they do not have to include the technological process of construction.
    • A house can hypothetically be placed on a location anywhere in the world, but if you are designing a building for a specific location, you can specify it

5. Is a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina studying in Austria allowed to participate?

    • Yes, it is allowed.

6. I am interested in the proposition related to your competition "limit for participants up to 30 years", considering that at the end of July I turn 30 years old whether the age limit is relevant to the announcement (the date when it was announced and then viewed) submission of the competition itself (1.9.)? On the other hand, does the age limit of 30 mean that someone who is 30 years old can participate or the participants must be at most 29 years old and have not reached the age of 30.

    • Yes, participants can be up to 30 years old. All participants who have reached the age of 30 can participate

1-Is there a minimum / maximum number of cross-sections to be attached in A3 format?
2-Are there any restrictions on the format, size and content of additional views?
3-In the file of which format (word, pdf ...) and what size (A4, A3 ...) is the text description attached? 

    • The minimum number of sections is 2
    • In the propositions of the competition to the content and submission of the competition work, the conditions on the presentation are specified.
    • Complete work in A2 format with horizontal setting (not to exceed 5mb size) with 3D views, bases, sections, diagrams, sketches and other presentation tools to explain everything
    • Spatial representations (renderings and perspectives) - two external and one internal in pdf format. The minimum size is 1,920x1,080 pixels
    • Basis of the building with marked furniture and equipment, A3 format, pdf in scale 1:50 • Characteristic sections, A3 format, pdf in scale 1:50
    • Additional displays as desired
    • Show the construction process in 3D, exploded axonometry, diagrams and schemes, A3 format, pdf
    • The textual description of the project should contain up to 500 words, in Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin or English.
    • All attachments should be combined into one pdf file
    • Textual description of the project up to 500 words in a4 PDF format

8.I have a couple of questions about the shape and shape of the house itself. 
1. Since the max is 25 sq. M. closed spaces, is it possible to do something like a duplex so that at least that sleeping area is above, or as in industrial zones where the type of kitchen is below and we have a staircase next to it and upstairs we have one bedroom and possibly a bathroom if we don't have it on the ground floor.
2. Is it obligatory to provide an entrance hall or is it possible to enter the house directly from the porch?
3. Is it possible to build a cascading house, ie a house Pr + Su, and to pull out that sleeping part on the lower part and to satisfy the max of 25 sq m?
4. The house will be next to the river, is it enough for me to mention only in the textual part of the project that the building will be supplied with constant hydropower, or should we draw it in the situation as well?
5. Should a car parking space be provided, it would be desirable if a canopy next to the house with a charger for electric eco-cars can be provided.
6. Will we plan the house as well, since it is very small (25m square meters) for only two people (one double bar)? 

    • You have all the freedom in choosing a functional and spatial solution, but within the allowed net areas, maximum 25m2, minimum 7m2 (area of ​​parts of the floor and floor with a height of less than 1.5m can be used but not calculated in the total net area)
    • It is allowed to enter the house directly
    • As we gave the answer in the first answer, all participants have complete freedom to functionally and spatially solve the object as desired
    • If you have a certain situation such as a house by the river or on the river, it is desirable to present it in 2D and 3D drawings with the appropriate assumption of the use of hydropower
    • A canopy and a parking space with a charger for electric cars can be provided
    • Yes, the house needs to be planned to accommodate one pair of people. Marital status is not required

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